Water Festival returns this week


The festival is geared to Grade 4 and 5 students. All activities are linked to the Ontario curriculum in ways that help students achieve the desired expectation in science and technology, social studies, environment, mathematics and physical education.

“This is a community-wide, multi-partner initiative involving over 30 different partnership groups from across the Lambton and Chatham-Kent areas. They deliver this fun and educational event to a growing number of elementary students each year,” Don Hector, the festival co-ordinator, said in a media release. “The Festival provides leadership opportunities to over 300 high school students who assist in the presentation of the water festival activities, including a French day instructed by local French students. It also provides an opportunity for the community to learn about and enjoy the long-term benefits of protecting our precious water resources.”

The festival activities portray a balanced mix of urban and rural scenarios around water and challenges students to think about their own actions and how they can bring these messages back to their homes and communities in which they live.

The local Water Festival was established in 2006 and carried out the first festival in 2007. Almost 13,000 elementary students have attended the festival over the past nine years.


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