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Bruce Corcoran

Mary Beth Corcoran
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Jenna Cocullo


Sarah Schofield

Jeanine Foulon

Bruce Corcoran

Michelle Owchar

Office Manager
Mary Beth Corcoran

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Fatima Pisquem


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9 Responses to Connect With Us

  1. What’s your address? We’ll look into it.

  2. Marie, got your comment on our website. We don’t give our carriers any plastic bags and we tell them to place the Chatham Voice in people’s mailboxes, not in the driveway.
    The other guys do bag their papers and toss them at the end of the driveway, especially in rural areas. We aren’t affiliated in any way with Chatham-Kent This Week.
    Are you sure the paper you saw in the plastic bag is ours? If so, please let us know where, so we can talk to the carrier.

  3. Phil Charlebois says:

    Wondering if we could get The voice delivered? &4 Kerr Ave. Chatham, ont. N7M 1B9

  4. BE Hale says:

    So Happy to read that you will be back in print by August 13th. I have really missed your paper. I find it more worthy than the LFP, or the CDN. Any chance that you could include a few extra crossword puzzles? Hope you and your staff have all stayed well during this inane time.

  5. Cindy Cimoroni says:

    Hi Bruce; I was wondering if anyone was making a covid-19 case graph of sorts. I think that would be interesting especially since our cases have risen. As well it would be interesting to know how many are actually isolating in our community. Thought you may have a connection this information, and possibly publish it. Can’t wait for the actual paper to return!
    Thank you, Stay Safe !
    Cindy Cimoroni

    • Hey, Cindy, total active sits at 83 today, up by six from yesterday. Ten others have recovered, meaning we have 16 new cases today. The roller coaster continues. But I’ll talk to Jenna about compiling a timeline.

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