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Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Eye exam coverage in jeopardy

Editor: I am a senior living in Chatham-Kent and was shocked to hear at my last eye exam that optometrists will stop seeing OHIP...

LETTER: Woodlot questionnaire lacking: reader

Editor: I am writing about the Chatham-Kent municipal council’s questionnaire on woodlot preservation. It’s not that I object to being asked for input. I frequently...

Support for the Muslim community

Editor: The Chatham Ministerial Association is shocked and dismayed by the despicable act of terrorism that claimed the lives of four members of a...

Kind gesture to be paid forward

Editor: On June 7 at a grocery store payout counter, on discovering I had forgotten my wallet. I phoned my wife to bring it....

LETTER: Park improvements worthy of ‘thank you’

Editor: Stewart McKeough and those who carried out his wishes deserve a big "thank you" for all the improvements which have been made to...

LETTER: Past time to level the playing field

Editor’s note: This letter is addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: The media outlets publishing this letter are competitors. We publish news in every region...

Duty to accommodate Osaka

Editor: The world of sports, particularly the world of tennis, is buzzing with the news of Naomi Osaka’s decision to withdraw from the French...

Editorial cartoon shows poor judgment

Editor: The Chatham Voice showed very poor judgment in publishing the cartoon showing someone thinking that the AstraZeneca anti viral shot was the "worst...

Businesses versus human lives

Editor: This is a letter in response to Diane Watson (“We must all do our part to get through pandemic”) and David Goldsmith (“Selfish...

Enough with the negativity

Editor: Chatham does not deserve negative letters. When I read the opinions of Linda Hind (“Reader will believe it when she sees it”), I...