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Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Gas gouging continues in Chatham

Editor: Could someone explain why Chatham, unlike other towns nearby, has not had our gas prices go down below $1.73 a litre in eons? Wallaceburg, Blenheim...

LETTER: Council need not act in haste

Editor: In Chatham, a proposal is before C-K council to acquire the downtown mall property as a redeveloped multi-service municipal hub at the Sears...

LETTER: Support for ailing senior appreciated

Editor: My dad is from Newfoundland but has lived in Ontario for four decades, mostly in Chatham. He will be 87 later this month. Most...

Letter: Peeved at the pumps

Editor: The other day I ventured up old highway 40 along the St. Clair River to attend a family barbecue. As much as I...

LETTER: Invest in our children instead

Editor: It has been proposed to invest $75,000, to start, to bring a new IBL baseball team to Chatham. This in my opinion is only...

LETTER: Let the public decide on DDC idea 

Editor: Katherine Budd raises some very good points about the Downtown Chatham Centre proposal that stands before the Municipality of Chatham-Kent in her letter...

LETTER: Culture committee has DCC questions

Editor’s note: This letter is addressed to the mayor and council: Please consider this letter as a response from the non-profit board of the Chatham...

LETTER: Gas gouging annoys reader

Editor: I have noticed a disturbing trend in the last few weeks. Chatham’s gas prices are among the highest in Southwestern Ontario, higher than Toronto,...

Not the time to purchase the DCC

Editor: So the Municipality of Chatham-Kent is considering purchasing a renovated Downtown Chatham Centre. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Residents of Chatham still remember the...

Speed bumps, limits needed

Editor: I see daily the joyful use of the Wallaceburg splash pad on Running Creek. What a beautiful use out of the former outdoor...