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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Where was the respect?

Editor: Bah, humbug! We were barely past Halloween and people were already talking about Christmas! Many people were eager to think of the festive season,...

LETTER: Helping or hindering?

Editor: A bunch of self-righteous people running around condemning aviaries and zoos should not be listened to or given any funds from anybody. These people are doing...

LETTER: Our story, your legacy

Editor: I served as a Lieutenant with the Queen’s Own Rifles regiment in the Second World War. In 1945, in the Rhine Valley in...

No confidence in government

Editor: I read the editorial "Something's broken" in the Nov. 3 Chatham Voice. Yes there is. The problem is simple. People have lost all confidence...

LETTER: Little incentive to vote: reader

Editor: Re: The editorial “Something’s Broken” in the Nov. 3 Chatham Voice. It sure is, and perhaps the reason so few take any interest...

LETTER: Cryderman deserves apology: lawyer

Editor’s note: This letter is addressed to Dave Taylor, head of legal services for the municipality, and Chatham-Kent council. John Cryderman has retained me to...

LETTER: This is not the time to retreat

Editor: We should all be inspired by the words of Volodymyr Zelensky spoken soon after the start of the Russian invasion of his country,...

LETTER: Proposed boundaries not good for C-K: reader

Editor: Earlier this year, the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission released its proposal for new federal election boundaries for ridings. Ontario receives one new seat,...

LETTER: What would you do with $2M 

Editor: I ask: what would you do with $2 million if you were in charge of its distribution? I suspect most of us know what...

LETTER: Time for some new faces on council

Editor: With regard to all the current members of council, I truly believe that we should vote them all out. Too many have been on...