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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Letters to the Editor

Residents deserve well-water answers

Editor: In January this year, The Chatham Voice reported that the Ontario government announced a review of water well interference in North Kent, specifically...

Dress to impress when singing anthem

Editor: I was watching the American national anthem being sung on television at a recent World Series of Baseball game by country singer Zac...

What happened to freedom of choice?

Editor: Mr. Dictator in Toronto; so much for wasting my vote and time doing so when I find out that the first time my...

Vaccine just makes sense: reader

Editor: Re: Editorial cartoon sparks division To begin with, I have had both the Pfizer BioTech COVID-19 shots and looking forward to a booster when...

Courteous and progressive effort all around

Editor: When infrastructure projects are undertaken, it is inevitable that there will be periodic inconveniences. Within reasonable limits, these inconveniences must be accepted as...

Accessible transit buses have issues

Editor: Recently, I had occasion to book the accessible bus for the first time on new vehicles. It was my first and definitely last...

Construction woes frustrate resident

Editor: I’ve been informed that the infrastructure work of J&J Lepera on Wellington Street West will be completed by Oct. 29. In my opinion, there...

Know the situation, then comment

Editor: In the Sept. 23 Chatham Voice, a letter, “Zoo’s enclosures don’t seem big enough,” was a complaint about a local zoo/sanctuary in the...

Optometrists have misplaced priorities

Editor: “As doctors, it is our number one priority to advocate and defend our patients’ right to quality health care.” This is a statement issued...

The limit of tolerance?

Editor: In this day and age, when tolerance is the byword, it intrigues me how quickly tolerance ends when someone expresses an opinion or...