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Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Limit the flags, please

Editor: Regarding the flag policy and the LGTBQ community. Why do our councillors make things so difficult for themselves? In our opinion only federal,...

LETTER: Epp staffer was rude and of no help: reader

Editor: I am writing The Voice, to let the residents of Chatham-Kent know, if they need help from MP Dave Epp’s office, save your...

LETTER: Never give up…really!

Editor: A day after her arranged marriage, Mira Dean (not her real name) suddenly realised that there had been a big mistake. Her husband...

LETTER: Thankful for caring young citizens

Editor: I felt I must write kudos to a group of fine young ladies. I unfortunately didn’t get their names, but they took this...

LETTER: Man waits 2.5 years for surgery

Editor: I want to share with the public my family’s experience regarding a private clinic. My husband has an inguinal hernia for a few...

LETTER: Blame falls at the federal level

Editor: In response to Wayne Robertson’s April 20 complaint about Doug Ford’s April 1 carbon price increase, I would like to remind him and...

LETTER: Fly the flags

Editor: I am very pleased with council’s decision to allow flags to be flown at city hall. The childish motion was like a spoiled...

LETTER: Kent Cobras put on a show

Editor: I recently took my six-year-old grandson, Cole, to watch a Kent Cobra minor under-18 hockey game. First of all, I encourage people to go...

LETTER: Poor decisions by Doug Ford

Editor: I never saw this tax coming from the Ford Government at all. Unlike British Columbia where the onus is put on the consumer to bring...

LETTER: Health-care warning signs

Editor: In a letter to civil servants on Jan. 7, 2019, Premier Doug Ford promised to reform Ontario health care at a “lightning pace.” ...