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Letters to the Editor

The Voice keeps us all informed

Editor: Thanks to Bruce and the staff at The Chatham Voice for keeping we readers of your publication up to date on various things...

LETTER: Dresden overflowing with proud citizens

Editor: Regarding the article about the vandalized picnic tables in Dresden, your story focused only on the hate slurs and had nothing about all...

LETTER: Kindness from newlyweds

Editor: Recently my organization was the recipient of a very kind gesture by a newlywed couple. I wish to share their idea in order...

LETTER: God save the king

Editor: In the next year or so, I will get to watch my second British coronation. Being a part of the “Silent Generation” which...

LETTER: A healthy thank you to all involved

Editor: On a recent Sunday while attending Mass at St Joseph's here in Chatham, I found myself experiencing medical distress. I was almost immediately attended...

LETTER: Thanks to ‘my angel’

Editor: On a recent Saturday, at 11:30 a.m., I was coming out of the Bank of Montreal at Park Avenue and Lacroix. I had...

Council must decline DCC proposal: reader

Editor: Rob Myers and his partners are all shrewd, successful businessmen. They saw a chance to purchase the Downtown Chatham Centre at a bargain...

LETTER: More well water investigation needed: expert

Editor: It was my pleasure to participate as a member of the expert panel on the recent All-Hazard Investigation of Well Water in Chatham-Kent. The...

LETTER: Why I decided to not run for council

Editor: Many people consider me to be an extravert. And perhaps; then, this should or must be a prerequisite, if one wants to run...

LETTER: Hire and support people who want to work

Editor: In regards to a recent news article, business owners are paying a bonus for people to come to work for them. Plus they...