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Thursday, May 19, 2022
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LETTER: Donor seeks answers from hospital foundation

Editor: I was a donor to the Music for the Mind fundraiser over the past two years. As a donor, transparency and accountability around...

Extend the leases at Rondeau

Editor: We owned a cottage in Rondeau for years and we all have wonderful memories of the park and the people there. After our parents...

Keep privatization out of health care

Editor: Recently, we have been transfixed by the horrific images out of the Ukraine and the ebb and flow of the pandemic. That’s totally...

NIMBY reactions over shelter shameful

Editor: I am writing this as I cannot sit by and not state how awful it is to read so many negative comments and so many...

Some can’t partake in job opportunities

Editor: I have been reading and watching about the apparent boom in growth and prosperity here in southwestern Ontario. From greenhouses to electric-car-related plants...

Banks shows how deeply she cares

Editor: Here we go again. The story of Elisha Banks has made headlines again in The Chatham Voice, recently.  Maybe what words she used to text...

Recycling or Relocating?

Editor: It seems our collective efforts to sort our trash is mostly a waste of time. Recent data reveals that less than 10 per cent...

Kudos to developers over homeless shelter

Editor: I was happy to read articles about the establishment of a permanent homeless shelter on Murray Street in the former Victoria Park Public...

Hospital staff efforts appreciated

Editor: We would like to send a very heartfelt thank you to all staff at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Hospital. We received such incredible, kind...

Residents ignored in shelter decision

Editor: Chatham Kent council and staff have published their core values on how they will interact with the citizens of Chatham-Kent. It states they...