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Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Questions to council

Editor: One of the letters recently published in local media regarding council’s decision to proceed with purchase of the Sears building to replace the...

LETTER: Councillors should pay attention to citizens

Editor: Well, I thought I had read it all in The Voice, but more interesting letters to the editor keep coming. There was an especially...

LETTER: Library expansion questions: reader

Editor: I am writing in response to the letter “Library accessibility in question” by Janice Lasell in the Jan. 25 Chatham Voice. I am not...

LETTER: Cleanup those recyclables

Editor: I spoke with the area supervisor recently of the company who does the curbside pickup after a problem with the collection. To those who...

LETTER: Transport cost outrageous: reader

Editor: I am writing to express my concern and frustration in relation to Voyageur Patient Transfer Services. My elderly father was recently in the ICU...

LETTER: Help take the lead in crime prevention

Editor: Recently, I received a phone call that no business owner in Chatham-Kent ever wants to receive. It was news that our establishment in...

LETTER: Reader criticizes councillors’ behaviour

Editor: As I sat through the 18 deputations that were read in council chambers Jan. 15, I couldn’t help but notice the incredibly disrespectful...

Move could revitalize King St.

Editor: Yes, there are valid concerns about not checking first what you will purchase. I’m talking about the Sears building of the Downtown Chatham Centre...

LETTER: Reader prefers Civic Centre location

Editor: I’m concerned regarding the possibility of moving the Civic Centre to the former Sears building. I’ve written letters to council members regarding the...

LETTER: Library accessibility in question: reader

Editor: It is very unfortunate that after ruining our beautiful Civic Centre, Chatham-Kent council has decided to buy a pig in a poke. Even more...