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The rules changed years ago

Editor: Kudos to the letter in the Aug. 19 Chatham Voice from Donna-Jane Pollock inquiring, “When did the rules change?” This had to do with...

Nicholls needs to reconsider…and quit

Editor’s note: This letter is addressed to Chatham-Kent–Leamington MPP Rick Nicholls. Editor: Simply put, Mr. Nicholls is extraordinarily selfish. He is setting a horribly low standard of...

Immunization status leaves questions

Editor: Any medical professional should be aware of the Personal Health Information Protection Act, implemented by the Ontario government in 2004, which states that...

Defending Nicholls’ decision

Editor: Several people I know went to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. They received a paper with side effects to watch for, and were then...

No vaccine, no representing C-K–L, reader says

Editor: The recent news that our MPP Rick Nicholls has refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 is very upsetting to say the least. Our leaders...

Vaccination questions for candidates

Editor: Before the various federal election issues start to dominate these pages, I was hoping for some further clarity around COVID-19 immunization. Point blank, is...

Drivers must pay better attention

Editor: I am writing my letter in response to Donna-Jane Pollock (“When did the rules change?”) and her letter in the Aug. 19 paper....

LETTER: Then & Now images tell the tale

Editor’s note: This letter is addressed to our own Sarah Schofield, the mastermind behind our recent Then & Now special section. Editor: Hello, Sarah, I...

Tilbury Manor worth saving

Editor: The private, for-profit business that owns the Tilbury Manor LTC has received a new 30-year license and permission to move the 75-bed home...

We can all pay to encourage woodlot protection

Editor: Trees are the lungs of the earth. None of us would survive with out lungs. If we lose some lung function, we suffer and...