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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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It’s time to prioritize our youth

Editor: As we enter this next phase of the pandemic, let’s prioritize kids. They have no political voice, so we adults must speak for...

White geese annoy riverside tenant

Sir: This letter is to Keith Koke. You may own only eight white geese now but perhaps you don't realize the havoc created last year...

Trudeau’s actions jar Canadians awake

Editor: The Prime Minister of Canada has done what nobody in Canada has done in a long time. He has woken up thousands and...

Street parking decision a stunner

Sir: I attended the Oct. 21 council meeting as a pro McNaughton Avenue West bike lane supporter. After hearing thoughtful, evidence-based deputations on the pro...

Eye exam coverage in jeopardy

Editor: I am a senior living in Chatham-Kent and was shocked to hear at my last eye exam that optometrists will stop seeing OHIP...

Nicholls continues to spread misinformation: reader

Editor: In the past, in this space, I have supported the right of Chatham-Kent-Leamington MPP, Rick Nicholls, to defend his anti-vaccination position – as...

LETTER: Donor seeks answers from hospital foundation

Editor: I was a donor to the Music for the Mind fundraiser over the past two years. As a donor, transparency and accountability around...

Tree ‘strategy’ falls way short

Editor’s note: This letter is addressed to the mayor, council and municipal administration. Sir: Thank you for providing the opportunity to pre-screen the Chatham-Kent Natural...

Optometrists have misplaced priorities

Editor: “As doctors, it is our number one priority to advocate and defend our patients’ right to quality health care.” This is a statement issued...

Woodlot protection petition gathers steam

Sir: Earlier this spring, after repeated attempts – and failures – to encourage council to bring in a tree bylaw, area farmers and other...