White geese annoy riverside tenant


Sir: This letter is to Keith Koke.

You may own only eight white geese now but perhaps you don’t realize the havoc created last year when the 30-plus geese decided they preferred to spend their days on the lawn at my apartment building, starting as early as 6 a.m. and remaining until hunger pangs told them to go home.

The Canada geese spend two hours on our lawn but move on and they certainly are not there every day. Nor is the quacking of the Canada geese continuous.

I sit on my balcony almost every day from May to end of September and did not enjoy the geese’s cacophony when I just wanted to have the peace and quiet of the river and enjoy a novel.

And yes, I did register a complaint with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

The white geese do not “stop at the river’s edge” but they come right up to the front entrance. I know that white geese are mean by nature and had they decided to chase me, I would certainly have fallen.

As for the apartment lawn, geese droppings discouraged anyone from wanting to sit at our picnic tables. Also the lawn is no longer plush and green, as the geese liked to peck at the grass. I notice the geese at your home do not have free run of your yard.

I don’t care if you have geese but keep them away from our lawn. But because white geese swim wherever they wish, that is impossible. So on Sept. 25 I hope you will not be allowed to supersede the municipal bylaw.

Ethel Simmons



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