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Letters to the Editor

Just say no to the geese

Sir: In response to the Keith Koke advertisement in The Chatham Voice Aug. 22 – it was very cute with captions. The geese on the...

How safe is C-K’s $8M investment?

Sir: The mayor and council of Chatham-Kent invested $8 million of our tax dollars from the reserve fund in the North Kent Wind Farm...

Mental health in the workplace

Sir: It has been estimated that one in five Canadians will experience a mental health issue in their life time. Given this scenario, it should...

We need tougher gun control

Sir: Rifles were made to kill. We have lost many policemen. We have many policemen who were murdered by hidden riflemen. I spent four years...

Street parking decision a stunner

Sir: I attended the Oct. 21 council meeting as a pro McNaughton Avenue West bike lane supporter. After hearing thoughtful, evidence-based deputations on the pro...

Move it AND lose it?

Sir: There has been quite a fuss in The Chatham Voice and other news media about Mayor Randy Hope’s suggestion we could move the...

C-K railway museum in need of assistance

Sir: I would like to draw to your attention the possible impending closure of Chatham-Kent’s only railway museum, located on a parcel of land...

Chatham bus route needs upgrading

Sir: Most riders on the Route 1 bus will welcome input from the Transportation Division regarding the troublesome intersection of Poplar and Sandys. Many...

Society quietly works behind the scenes to help others

Sir: The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul has just celebrated 50 years in operation at our Chatham Thrift Store. Yet, we feel we...

Building’s fate up to its owners

Sir: I have been reading a number of letters to the editor in your newspaper about the former Aberdeen Hotel at the corner of...