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Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Tough choices along shorelines

Sir: Perhaps some of you may recall the following lyrics of a song by Jim Croce: “You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't...

Will they come?

Sir: In response to your April 10 editorial, “Take That Toronto,” tearing down residents of Toronto will not make them come to Chatham. To...

Community involvement doesn’t end with voting

Sir: I don’t normally rant or rave and complain, but I feel compelled to share some things that are on my heart in regards...

Contest raises arena questions

Sir: Kudos to Chad Peterson and all the people who have worked so hard to have Chatham-Kent named as Kraft Hockeyville Canada. Here's hoping their...

Why blast crows when you can take away their buffet?

Sir: There’s a joke making the rounds. Trucks hit more crows than cars because when they eat road kill, crows always have a lookout...

Perrin’s efforts will be missed

Sir: I would like to express this family's gratitude to Bev Perrin, this Snow Angel supervisor who is now hanging up her shovel. As a...

How times have changed

Sir: I am becoming more and more convinced this is a turbulent world. Instead of enjoying peace as we should, living in this wonderful...

Bike lanes get too little use

Sir: All of the comments on The Chatham Voice website in support of a bike lane on McNaughton Avenue in Chatham have been well...

Boardwalk project littered with mistakes

Sir: I am responding to the article "Peeking Inside the Boardwalk" from the Feb. 23 Chatham Voice. After reading this article, I was left with...

More than a fixer-upper

Sir: I agree with the recent letters in The Chatham Voice from James Brown and Ruth Draper, about the old Aberdeen Hotel located on...