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Letters to the Editor

The Voice brings back newspaper memories

Sir: It was a great day for me when The Chatham Voice was launched by newspaper veterans Bruce Corcoran and Jim Blake on July...

Entitlement, immunity and (lack of) accountability

Sir: Surprise! Surprise. Chatham-Kent’s highest paid employees are caught red-handed gorging at the public trough once again. Special thanks to John Cryderman – one...

LETTER: Proposed boundaries not good for C-K: reader

Editor: Earlier this year, the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission released its proposal for new federal election boundaries for ridings. Ontario receives one new seat,...

Animal treatment in Russia shocking

Sir: Most of us are excited by Russia’s Sochi Winter Olympics, which began last week. We’re proud of our Canadian athletes. But are we proud...

Eatery patios best part of pandemic

Editor: The outdoor patios in Chatham have been one of the best things to come out of the pandemic. A lot of people I...

Article on Uncle Jim appreciated

Sir: Mary Beth, thank you so much for doing such a wonderful interview of my Uncle Jim Henderson (“Veteran reflects on service during WW2”...

LETTER: Limit the flags, please

Editor: Regarding the flag policy and the LGTBQ community. Why do our councillors make things so difficult for themselves? In our opinion only federal,...

Great to see old wrecking yard getting cleaned up

Sir: I see that the wrecking yard just west of Lacroix Street on Park Avenue is finally being cleaned up. There is everything from...

Time for a new bridge across the Thames?

Sir: Transportation officials recently posted weight restrictions on The Parry (Keil Drive) Bridge aimed mainly at heavy trucks and transport type vehicles. The problem is...

Good Samaritans show up in force

Editor: Sometimes God sends an angel to help you when you are in need. Well, on a recent Saturday night, He sent five angels. My...