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Monday, April 19, 2021
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Comic strip sends wrong message

I am writing to you because I am extremely dismayed by the cartoon strip entitled "Out on a Limb" in the April 21...

Let’s hope the new PM listens

Sir: Canadians have voted for change, and at this point we do not know what that change will look like. We must now respect...

A tale of guano woe

Sir: I recently had a rather vile and disgusting experience. I parked on King Street on a recent evening. It was the perfect parking spot,...

Give those in need your daily bread

Sir: Loblaw Companies Ltd. is giving free $25 gift cards to customers because of the bread price fixing problems that have been going on...

Dress code issue a confusing one

Sir: I feel a need to respond to a letter to the editor from the Chief Legal Officer of the municipality, as published June 23...

Municipality must adhere to privacy laws

Sir: In response to your article of Nov. 16 entitled, “Local man wants his answers,” I would like to clarify some of the issues...

Red Hatters enjoy agree with Corcoran

Sir: The enclosed photo speaks to Bruce Corcoran’s column, “Diverse times here in C-K” in the Oct. 29 issue of The Chatham Voice. Our Red...

Be alert on the roads

Sir: The sentencing of the bus driver that changed the lives of so many individuals and families in Humboldt, Sask. was announced recently. A moment...

Thanks to Fire Fest organizers

Sir: Thanks go out to those who helped organize and participated in FireFest in Chatham and other areas of Chatham-Kent this past weekend. One often...

Social isolation a danger for seniors

Sir: The Foundation of The Retired Teachers of Ontario/ Les enseignantes et enseignants retraités de l’Ontario (RTO/ERO) declared its first annual Social Isolation Awareness Month for October....