Trudeau’s actions jar Canadians awake


Editor: The Prime Minister of Canada has done what nobody in Canada has done in a long time. He has woken up thousands and thousands of Canadians all across Canada, some of whom have been drinking beer and sitting on the couch in front of the television for years.

To actually get these people to travel in January in the land of ice and snow is remarkable.

With the pending federal election, which now appears to be sooner rather than later, most must wonder how many federal seats will change hands by the hundreds and thousands of silent voters who have sat on the shelf per riding and didn’t vote before.

When people are talked down to and actually get off their butts to say something, right or wrong on vaccine, carbon tax or any other issue in Canada, nobody should call them fringe, but perhaps silent majority. Or Canadians.

Wayne Robertson




  1. It’s hard to tell what the point of this Editor’s letter is. Is it that people have been forever apathetic and now they’re angry because they’re being talked down to? How so? People have the right to protest whatever they want. People have the right to disagree with one another. In this instance, it is truly a minority of people who have assembled and morphed the protest into something far beyond its original intent.

    The pandemic and the need to keep the majority of citizens safe is a problem no leader of any political stripe should desire being in front of. But raging in the name of freedom is also a false beacon which too many people are getting blinded by and abandoning all logic. No one has to stay silent, but hopefully those who participate can think beyond the myopic perspective of one’s self and the myth of unabated individual freedom. Hopefully, that time sitting on the couch drinking beer and watching television was spent expanding perspective beyond a bubble of information that fed a personal bias.


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