LETTER: Treat people with respect


Editor: Yes, unfortunately there is a lot of public anger out there. The cause is that our governments (at all levels) do not govern justly. This is what they need to do to stop the anger.

Put a cap on how much landlords can demand in rent – this can be scaled according to how many rooms are for rent, how many amenities there are, etc.

The government did put a cap on doctors’ salaries, so it is not unreasonable for them to do so for the price for living accommodations.

Put a cap on how much essential groceries can cost. This idea has been talked about recently, but has not been implemented into law.

Also, the government needs to decide who they represent; the money-lending institutions (who get richer as poverty increases because people have to borrow money), or the public who depend on government policies to prevent them from falling into poverty, forcing them to borrow more money.

Quit wasting money on renovation projects in which taxpayers’ money disappears into other people’s pockets.

And finally, if they ever declare another pandemic, government would do best by not intimidating the public into taking vaccines. Public anger has dramatically increased since the pandemic.

Give the people good government and treat people with respect, and public anger will decrease.

Katherine Budd



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