LETTER: Park idea great, legends placement a concern


Editor: Re: New Legends Park in downtown Chatham area.

First off, I think the idea of putting a park in at the corner of King and Third Street is a good idea.

I like it better than putting a parking lot there! I wince at the cost, but all good things nowadays cost money.

My only concern is that turning this into a Legends Park – the legends statues or plaques would be better off being put in another park in the city; one that is not prone to spring flooding. This area is a flood zone as I recall and I would fear that there could be serious damage done to the legends plaques from such flooding.

It would be better to put the plaques in another park, be that Tecumseh Park, McKeough Park, some park that is also in the downtown area, but not as prone so much to flood.

I hope that these plaques are not made of copper! With the way copper thieves are at large in our area, there should be something made that will discourage thieves and vandals.

Otherwise, the idea of putting a park in this area is a good idea. A few benches, something to sit on while enjoying the park and maybe having a snack sounds good.

It may be rather expensive to construct but is a good idea all the same.

Frank Doyle





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