The Voice keeps us all informed


Editor: Thanks to Bruce and the staff at The Chatham Voice for keeping we readers of your publication up to date on various things going on in our Chatham-Kent community, including your recent interviews for the various candidates in the various wards in

Chatham-Kent running in this fall’s municipal election.

There are so many stories and items in your newspaper that it is hard to keep up on them all, but thank you for putting them in your paper. The recent change in management at the very popular Rossini’s Restaurant is quite a surprise, as it doesn’t seem that long since the recent owners had taken the helm of this business.

Also, coverage of the various activities going on out at the municipal airport have also have been of interest.

A lot of people also like to read the obituaries, to make sure they themselves are not in them too! Ha, ha!

Thanks again for your constant work at informing all of what is going on in our community.

Frank Doyle



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