Other ways to spend $2 million


Editor: This letter is in response to the very good letter to the editor submitted by John Willatt regarding the DCC proposal that ran on Sept. 1.

It is a proposal that certainly does need a great deal of thought.

Like John, I think moving the municipal offices and the library into the downtown centre – as it stands today – with very little expense, with the hopes of selling the Civic Centre or library, as a good move.

But wow is all I can say regarding all the money that’s being spent on a new feasibility study.

As John said, we don’t need a 4,000-seat single pad arena.

Our new incoming council really needs to consider the planned deal.

Housing is something the new council needs to consider as well.

I also see there are 700 jobs that are unfilled in Chatham-Kent.

Maybe council should consider spending the money for the study to fix our rotten roads.

I am not made of money but I would like to take a few concerned councillors on at least five bus routes and pay for them so they can see what I mean.

Ruth Draper



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