LETTER: Hire and support people who want to work


Editor: In regards to a recent news article, business owners are paying a bonus for people to come to work for them. Plus they get a bit more than minimum wage.

Why can’t these employers just hire the people who want to work? If they can’t find anyone already trained in the field, then hire them and give them proper training.

If a worker is not able to learn the trade in one shot because of a learning disability then teach them four or five times over.

For employers to hire workers, employees should not have to know everything in the store. If an employee doesn’t catch on to doing cash, then have them work an area that they can work in.

So to the business owners out there, get out there and start hiring people who want to work regardless of age.

Also if the person already has one job but needs a second job to make ends meet, then hire them anyway and let them work the hours they are able to.


Wes Summerfield



  1. Pay people! If you expect people to give up their lives to work your business – pay them appropriately – they have to be able to live nearby, travel to and from work and take care of loved ones who cannot work, with that money. Hey bosses, if you couldn’t survive on that wage, neither can they.


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