LETTER: July 2 party makes good sense


Editor: In Pam Wright’s story in the June 23 Chatham Voice, on various activities going on around Chatham-Kent around now and into July, there is a statement that some people are upset that the July 1st Canada  Day celebrations in Tecumseh Park are being held on Sat., July 2 this year.

The fact that the Postma business, which is sponsoring this year’s event and the thinking by event organizers that more people will come out for the event on July 2 is actually a great idea.

As there is no bus service in Chatham-Kent on July 1, holding this event on the day after will allow many people that would otherwise not be able to go to the event on July 1 to take the public transit busses to the activities in Tecumseh Park and get home in a reasonable time in the late afternoon or early evening.

For families with children, who do not have access to a vehicle this long weekend, the timing for the event couldn’t have been planned out any better.

Kudos to those who organize and the volunteers who help run this event.

Let’s just hope that the weather co-operates with the event as well.


Frank Doyle 





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