LETTER: E-bikes could irk motorists, pedestrians


Editor: I read in The Chatham Voice recently that an e-bike service could be in our future here.

One good thing I can say about it is it is a good mode of transportation, especially with the price of gas.

I see a report on the matter is coming back to council July 11. I do hope they consider this new venture carefully.

At the moment, we have a few e-bikes in Chatham, for which the motorists are probably saying, “Thank goodness,” as they must and should ride on the road. But I am wondering now if this rental of e-bikes won’t bring a lot of protests from motorists, as an e-bike, I believe, requires no insurance or licence to drive.

I’m sure motorists, given what they have to pay, may not take too lightly having to share the road with more e-bikes.

If they were to end up riding on our sidewalks, they would be a menace for pedestrians.

I hope this issue is given real consideration before it gets passed.

South Kent Coun. Clare Latimer stated it would be an asset to the community. Hopefully it will, but at what price for our safety?

Ruth Draper



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