Queen’s Line sanitary sewer extension proceeding



Photo by John Harvey on Pixnio

The Queen’s Line sanitary sewer extension plan will be moving ahead.

Last Thursday, the Public Utilities Commission approved an engineering service tender in the amount of $85,245.

RC Spencer Associates Inc., a consulting engineering firm with offices in Chatham, won the bid.

This project will consist of the installation of a gravity sewer, from Bloomfield Road to the CN railway, capable of servicing the needs of the adjacent developed properties. Engineering and construction is expected to be completed this year.

The project comes after a petition was submitted to the PUC in May 2019, requesting a municipal sanitary sewer to service properties west of Bloomfield Road in Chatham. The petition failed due to a lack of votes from the PUC members.

Shortly after, two property owners within the project boundary approached the PUC requesting sanitary sewer services be extended in order to develop their current commercial and industrial properties, according to the staff report.

PUC general manager Tim Sunderland said they will have to do an open dig as they move through the project and will address the concerns of nearby businesses as they come along.


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