Bylaws are there to be enforced

Dec 18 • Letters to the EditorNo Comments on Bylaws are there to be enforced

Sir: Your paper recently ran a great letter from Frank Doyle on the do’s and don’ts of the new side walk from Keil Street along Grand Avenue West.

The heading read; “Sidewalk rules are confusing.” Not really, Frank.

There have been bylaws for them for ages. Some people are making their own rules. That sidewalk mentioned above has been mostly built for bikes, which is a good thing if used right. But there are not many people doing long hikes past the condos near the college. I just feel it is a big waste of money to put this new one from Keil to the college.

There was already a good sidewalk, most of which was nicely back from Grand Avenue. If a cyclist and a pedestrian or whoever are both on the right side, he or she on the bike must pull over to the left side to pass or it would be nice if a bell or horn was really enforced for cyclists to let someone know they are behind them. They could catch one’s arm in passing. Some bikes do have bells.

It seems to me the public should have had a say about tearing up a perfectly good sidewalk. What is done is done.

Congratulations to our new Mayor. Maybe the public will get that chance to have more input in the city or at least their ideas about issues – it’s their tax money.

Ruth Draper




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