Editorial on the mark for council


Sir: I’d like to applaud the editorial in the Dec. 6 Chatham Voice, “Advice to councillors.” I was originally supporting Randy Hope who served as mayor from 2006 to 2018 because I was concerned about the election of an inexperienced mayor trying to manage experienced council members.

Now we have had a proper shakedown in the city’s council chambers, with eight of the newly elected councillors being newcomers to the municipal scene and Mayor Darrin Canniff being a council veteran. I have heard positive feedback about the new slate, and I think we can expect both big and small improvements in the next few years.

Perhaps the editorial writer’s request that councillors “sweat that small stuff. Not the minutiae, but the small stuff” will be printed on a sign to hang in our council chambers.

I’ve only lived here for a few years, but, even though some people say Chatham seems to be failing, I am convinced my wife and I made the right move.

Stephen J. Beecroft



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