Kind words carry such power


Sir: The power of kindness. Recently, I slept like crap. I tossed and turned, and was up for hours on end. I woke up the next morning late and in a rush. I even went to the extent of putting cucumbers on my eyes to bring down the puffiness.

I rushed out the door and made a quick stop at the Superstore for some groceries for the office. That’s where it all changed.

On my way out, this super kind lady complimented me on my hair. She said it was beautiful. She then proceeded to ask if I did professional makeup. I laughed and said no. She said that I was beautiful and radiant. I told her I had barely slept last night and she had made my day. I walked out with a smile on my face.

The moral of this story is to remember, even the smallest compliment or kind word can change someone’s day. You never know what is going on behind someone’s smile.

Meg Lyttle-Catton






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