The lion roared tonight

Dr. Bruce Warwick, an executive member of Friends of the New Animal Shelter, and Karen DeKoning, a long-time supporter of the shelter, celebrate her $10,000 donation recently.

The Lion Sings Tonight, a concert held Nov. 3 to raise funds for the New Animal Shelter, was a roaring success, raising $10,000.

Local artists in the community came together under the leadership of Devon Hansen to help the shelter move closer to its goal of $1.5 million.

“We are so fortunate to have such great talent locally, sometimes we forget to look in our own backyard,” said Lynn McGeachy Schultz, project coordinator for the new shelter, in a media release. “They all gave so freely of their time and talents for this great cause.”

To top off the evening, a significant donation was received from Karen DeKoning, a long-time supporter of the shelter.

“It was my way to challenge community people like me to get behind this most important project,” said DeKoning.

Accepting the cheque was Dr. Bruce Warwick, Friends of the New Animal Shelter executive member.

“This was a perfect evening, a great master of ceremonies, fabulous talent, animals from the shelter and a donation that has made a significant difference to the campaign. It was a roaring success I would say!”


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