Thief steals from Goodfellows


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How low will thieves go? Stealing from charity ranks down there.

This morning, someone broke into a trailer parked on the Grand Avenue East that contained gifts for the upcoming Chatham Goodfellows campaign. The Goodfellows collect donations of toys and food for distribution to families in need before Christmas.

Items stolen include toys and batteries. Estimated value of the stolen property is $3,700.

Anybody with information on this crime is asked to contact Const. Rob Herder at or 519-436-6600, ext. 8076, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.




  1. How sad, There would have had to be more then one person that did this , so someone knows … You should be ashamed of yourself, and I pray that someone has the decency to turn your asses in……

  2. this is disgusting and very disheartening!! really, stealing something that was meant to go to the needy?? This is just too sad. It would be nice if these losers magically developed a conscience and returned what isn't theirs

  3. and its only going to get worse….just need the money for a fix….but they will be getting a food basket….ya low life bastards…someone otta steal from yous…. and yes someone knows something…step up, cause its the right thing to do

  4. we have theives in wallaceburg that stold laptops n games from a young of 3 that just died from cancera few days before . this devastated family (kids) moms pic were on that laptop. these junkies are responible …..they need drugs so bad they will rape their grandmothersfor 50 cents

  5. all you chathamites are the same….who are you all to judge. maybe it was someone who has had all doors. losed for help. or some one who had to make bills so he or she could keep a roof over the families head. its your city and you all made it that way. no one tries to make a differance….right down to your elected officials. sceam shout hoot and holler for change. you neex super drug rehabilatation amongst your younger generation and someone in power to create better jobs other than call centres and walmarts. they neex to look into the future and see what neexs to be done. it may have been a cracker who did it…….but why is he a cracker……should be the next question……..just saying

  6. This makes me sick .
    I hope you find the person that did this now there is familys that dont have for there kids . Hope every one can come togethere at this time of need for all the familys.

  7. where the heck were chatham kents finest when this was happening?? i agree its reall flippin sad that someone could actually actually do something so low at christmas but i think its even more sad that they had enough time to get 3,700 in toys outta the trailer and to wherever they were going without being seen!!! like really they need to start focusing their time on shit like this that needs extra attention and stop focusing on dumb shit like ppl riding bikes without a light ….


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