CVS Christmas dinner Nov. 29


The annual Chatham Vocational School Christmas Dinner is rapidly approaching.

For more information on the dinner, which takes place Nov. 29 at the Links of Kent, call 519-352-0248 of 519-354-0838.

Four years ago, four CVS alumni met over lunch and opted to start gathering on a monthly basis. The numbers grew and there have been as many as 49 alumni meeting for lunch.

There have been three Christmas dinners, with 90 alumni attending. The greatest times have been while looking through old yearbooks and scrapbooks, and sharing lots of memories.

The present-day Cultural Centre on William Street North began as one of the city’s most palatial homes, went on to become a boarding house for city high school students, gained renown as a hotel and health spa, earned a niche in the area education system as a vocational school and is now part of the Cultural Centre.



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