Why blast crows when you can take away their buffet?


Sir: There’s a joke making the rounds. Trucks hit more crows than cars because when they eat road kill, crows always have a lookout in a nearby tree to warn of impending
danger. Unfortunately, while all the lookout crows can shout “Cah,” not a single one can shout “Truck.”

Seriously, Richard Erickson, brother of former Chatham mayor William Erickson, is planning to organize his second crow shooting competition. He figures it will reduce the winter population of our crows. And he’s sure crows will return to Chatham in large numbers once the temperatures begin to dip and there is snow on the ground.

He has said quite openly the crows can always count on garbage bags for their next meal.

I am not a hunter so maybe I’ m biased and I don’t know Richard, but I shudder at the thought of a crowd of trigger-happy hunters popping off and shooting innocent animals, pedestrians and cyclists. Why don’t we ban plastic bags and insist on proper garbage bins with lids?

That would do a great deal to outwit those pesky but hungry scavengers. Better than killing them, anyway.

Stephen J. Beecroft



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