Nothing average about average


There are times we may be tempted to look at all of the issues in the world, shrug and develop a “What can I do?” attitude.

Some recent Chatham Voice stories show that regardless of the situation you find yourself in, you can make a difference.

This week’s story about Keith Spicer, a Chatham man confined to his bed at Riverview Gardens, is an inspirational one. It would be easy for Keith to be angry at the world in general due to his illness. Instead, he found faith and something to be thankful for, and is sharing his gratitude through publishing his short stories.

Recently we told you about Aaron Jubenville, a Tilbury man who began collecting tabs from aluminum cans in order to raise money to purchase wheelchairs for physically challenged children.

Jubenville, who is a wheelchair user himself, was undaunted by the fact that it takes millions of tabs to purchase a specialized wheelchair. Others who learned of his cause, noted his determination, pitched in and helped him bring in more than 500,000 pop can tabs. And they’re still coming in.

Both men grudgingly admit that what they’re doing may be special but are adamant that they are just average people who saw a need and did something about it.

Good intentions don’t always pan out as the children who worked hard and waited hours at Chatham-Kent council in defense of woodlots found out. Still, they should be proud of becoming involved and use what they’ve learned to someday be the kinds of leaders they expected to find on council.

Short-changing our vets

In sharp contrast to the noble people listed above, we have a federal government denying pensions to wounded veterans because they are classified as unfit for foreign deployment “at a moment’s notice.”

The government that sent them abroad to lose limbs and suffer combat trauma won’t allow them to remain on duty in Canada so they can meet the 10-year requirement for fully indexed pensions.

MPs, by the way, have fully indexed pensions after six years. Rick Mercer said it best,





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