Group seeks help in logo design


The Suicide Prevention and Education Committee of Chatham-Kent (SPECC-K) is asking the community to join the battle to help save lives by helping the committee create a logo to represent its goals.

“Having a logo is the first step in broadening our reach within the Chatham-Kent communities, and as a result, increasing awareness of suicide prevention and reducing the stigma,” Teires Mekhael, Chair of SPECC-K and support worker at the Chatham-Kent Sexual Assault Crisis Centre, said in a release. “We really want everyone to know that there are services available for those struggling with crisis and distress and that the outcomes are very positive.”

Mekhael added that a significant number of people who die by suicide don’t contact health or social services near their time of death, and in many instances, this is due to a lack of knowledge of the services available to help, or a fear of the stigma associated with mental illness and suicidal behaviour.

Logo submissions can be sent via e-mail to with the heading “Logo Contest.” The deadline is Nov. 1 and the contest is open to all residents of Chatham-Kent. The winner will receive a cash prize.

For more information on SPECC-K and to be involved, Mekhael can be reached at or (519) 354-8908.


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