Just say no to the geese


Sir: In response to the Keith Koke advertisement in The Chatham Voice Aug. 22 – it was very cute with captions.

The geese on the river are really lovely, but unfortunately, they don’t stay there on his own property. There is no stopping Canada geese (seen with Keith’s geese) or ducks unless they shoot them. They are wild and not someone’s pets. The council cannot very well say someone can’t keep chickens in urban areas, and let someone else keep geese or whatever.

One lady said eggs are to help feed her, so could not others be allowed to have a goat for milk and a pig for pork chops and bacon? So what pets could be allowed next if some law is not put into place? I shudder at the result of the python just lately in the news.

I see Keith that you are hoping for great support at the court office on Communications Road on Sept. 25. You may find you have as many people against you that day. Maybe it’s time to find a new hobby after 10 years, or a new pet. The same can be said for people keeping chickens for eggs and pets.

Ruth Draper



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