LETTER: Clean-up effort appreciated


Editor: I for one was glad to see so many people helped find somewhere for those homeless under the Third Street Bridge to go, for their sakes, but also to see our city getting a little belated spring cleaning.

At first I only thought there was one man there since the bridge was re-opened. But by May 9 it was cleaned up. There had been up to 10 people and more came to visit for the day.

We certainly don’t need clusters like that popping up again.

They say it was probably that they were moved because Prince Michael of Kent was coming to town. Maybe it was or maybe not, but if so, let us have more princes come. for the homeless’ sake, and to tidy up our city.

I must add that R.O.C.K. Missions and especially the municipality’s Polly Smith seem to have done an excellent job. Let’s hope they can keep it up.

Not letting the homeless make encampments is the first start maybe. Amazing where they can get all that material to start one up in the first place.

Ruth Draper



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