LETTER: Fire hall relocation could be the answer


Editor’s note: This letter was sent to the mayor and council in mid-January, nearly three months ago. Of the 18 elected officials who could have contacted the writer, only one did.

I appreciate the opportunity to express my thoughts re: the proposal to purchase the former Sears portion of the Downtown Chatham Centre.

The area now being considered pales in comparison to that which was initially offered. I don’t think it should be considered.

Let’s suppose:

  • We close the fire hall at the Civic Centre and move it to an overcrowded EMS facility, which was originally designed to accommodate both ambulances and fire trucks. Fire trucks located there would provide fire protection for those of us south of the CP rail line in Chatham.

Should a 200-car train be passing through, or there be an accident/fatality – that means going west to Bloomfield Road or east to Communication Road for hours, and we in the south are essentially cut off.

  • Moving the fire hall would provide space – as may be required – for some of the renovations for the Civic Centre. After that, it could be the ground-level space for the museum relocation.
  • If we relocate the fire station on Sandy Street, we could do so to provide space for some of the EMS vehicles, as well as the fire trucks.


Reg DeNure



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