Sephora coming to Chatham


The Brick, Ardene moving as well

Target may be gone but retail is hitting a bullseye at the Thames-Lea Plaza.

The remainder of the former store is being redeveloped this summer with Sephora, The Brick and Ardene setting up shop in the fall.

Sephora is new to Chatham, while The Brick and Ardene will relocate from their current locations on Richmond Street West and the Downtown Chatham Centre respectively.

Dean Bradley, president of Brad-Lea Meadows, owners of the Grand Avenue building, said the new additions will have a positive impact on the community, bringing jobs and top-notch shopping.

“We are excited to welcome Sephora to our community and The Brick and Ardene to their new locations,” Bradley said in a media release. “Their presence will not only provide Chatham-Kent residents and visitors with convenient access to exceptional products, but also create job opportunities within our growing community.”

Mayor Darrin Canniff is pumped about the news.

“Chatham-Kent is working diligently to become more attractive for both small business and big-brand investments,” Canniff said. “The addition of Sephora to CK’s retail lineup moves us closer to establishing Chatham-Kent as a shopping destination. By creating a thriving retail environment that meets the diverse needs of our community members and visitors, we’re not only keeping dollars in C-K, we’re keeping people here, employees here, and families here.”

The new additions are but the first phase of the development. Brad-Lea Meadows will be adding several sites for restaurants in the current parking lot. Plus, there is a 19,000 square foot space still available.

More details on when the new stores will open will be released as progress is made.


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