Wheatley gas update

Methane gas bubbles up out of an abandoned well in downtown Wheatley. (File photo)

After months of environmental detective work, contractors are demobilizing equipment at the site of the APEC 1 gas well in Wheatley.

A gas migration survey was completed Sept. 22 around the municipal parking lot near the site of the 2021 explosion, with some trace amounts of methane being detected at the location of APEC 3.

The team will be sequestering the gas to try and collect enough for a sample. The analysis will be reviewed and compared with previous samples to determine next steps.

According to a municipal media release, methane levels are extremely low. There is no H2S detected with no risk to the public or staff onsite. However, residents are reminded to call 9-1-1 if they detect the smell of gas.

Don Shropshire, Chatham-Kent’s former CAO and lead of the Wheatley’s emergency response is now stepping down from the role. Chatham-Kent Fire Service Chief Chris Case will assume the role as lead, working closely with CAO Michael Duben, provincial staff and local residents.




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