Letter: Peeved at the pumps


Editor: The other day I ventured up old highway 40 along the St. Clair River to attend a family barbecue. As much as I enjoyed the leisurely cruise, I grew increasingly angry with every passing kilometre.

In terms of an observation, I could not help but notice that fuel prices varied considerably, regardless of the provider or station logo. In Chatham, gas was $1.89/litre, in Wallaceburg it dropped to S1.74/litre and, by the time I got to Corunna, it was $1.63 a litre. Someone has to explain this to me.

Same gas. Same provider. But 26 cents difference per litre.

Like most consumers, I was always led to think it was the faceless, corporate petrol refiners and distributors responsible for collusion and price fixing. I now believe it is far more local; the price gouging would appear to be the Chatham gas station owners/operators themselves.

That is my observation.

My suggestion would be that anyone that needs gas should drive out to Wallaceburg, or even as far as Corunna, buy your fuel, pick something up in their convenience store or stop, eat and shop in their communities. Avoid purchasing fuel in Chatham until such time as the station owners collectively decide it is not right to gouge the local consumer.

I’ll probably buy a litre or two in town, if desperately needed, but from now on, I am making every effort to leave this city if I want to fill up my gas tank.


Dan Kelly





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