Extend the leases at Rondeau

As COVID-19 numbers slowly decreases, provincial parks are slowly opening their doors to the public to enjoy the great outdoors. (Jenna Cocullo / Chatham Voice)

Editor: We owned a cottage in Rondeau for years and we all have wonderful memories of the park and the people there.

After our parents passed, we sold the cottage, which I still miss.

For several years prior to my parents passing, there was a lot of stress created by ongoing concerns around the lease and what was going to happen.

I read Pam Wright’s article about the Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s attempt to buy the park, and I understand Ken Bell’s main issue, though I don’t agree with it. As I mentioned, we are no longer cottage owners in the park but I think the simplest solution is to extend the leases for 100 years and let everyone get on with enjoying the park. This I think would partially satisfy Mr. Bell’s problem with the cottagers still having to adhere to rules and give the cottagers peace.

Richard Livingstone

Thunder Bay





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