NIMBY reactions over shelter shameful


Editor: I am writing this as I cannot sit by and not state how awful it is to read so many negative comments and so many complaining about the homeless shelter and its location.

Homeless does not mean violent or addict. It is possible that some of our homeless once had families, spouses and were hard-working, taxpaying members of society. Due to closures, deaths in the family, perhaps job loss, illnesses, or divorce, they have fallen on tough times.

With rising rent costs, we see constant articles about our number of homeless rising. It makes sense.

To claim to support those in need and claim to understand a solution is needed but just as long as it is not near your home or business, definitely portrays poor behaviour.

I commend our city council for taking a stand and making a decision.

We all need help sometimes. One day, that could be any one of us. Imagine being treated the way some people are treating those homeless in our community. It is shameful. I hope none of the business owners or citizens complaining about not wanting a shelter near them ever find themselves homeless.

Just shameful.

Kimberley Poirier