Some can’t partake in job opportunities


Editor: I have been reading and watching about the apparent boom in growth and prosperity here in southwestern Ontario. From greenhouses to electric-car-related plants and various spin-off operations and other businesses in this area, we can hope that this will result in unemployment numbers eventually going down in our areas of Ontario.

It won’t happen overnight, but it seems the seeds of a better economy in our area have been sown.

It is sad to say though, that there will still be many people who have fallen on hard times, may now be too old or crippled up to be able to work in and retrain to share in this economic and business boom in our area. Retraining and further education for some of these people may not be possible over the long haul.

For those that can’t get back into full- or part-time employment situations, for a variety of reasons, we still need to have our social services in place to support and help these people when it is no longer possible for these seniors and other vulnerable people to re-establish themselves in the employment community.

Let us hope that the tensions between those who support the vulnerable in our communities and those who seem to follow the “Not In My BackYard” philosophy will eventually be eased for most as more retraining is offered and more people are able to find gainful employment and swee affordable housing and other needs met.

This can be accomplished for the good of all!

Frank Doyle


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