Don’t blame the vaccinated


Editor: To begin with this is a good publication; we get it in Windsor every so often.

This is a response to Merle Knutson’s letter of Dec. 23, “It’s time to blame the travel vaxxed.” This is for both Essex and Kent counties.

After reading this letter, I was really unhappy. Do people really think that those of us that have gotten the shot are the spreaders of COVID? There is something terribly wrong with this idea.

It is the unvaxxed people that are causing the problems in the world. I personally have had all three shots and no side effects from any, not even a sore arm.

Look at the Middle East, they are already planning a fourth shot for those residents. Will it happen here? Who knows; time will tell.

My wife is a doctor, as I have said, we are both vaxxed, the gamble is too great not to. I have heard other doctors and nurses say if you like living, you will get vaxxed.

In closing, to the people that did not get vaxxed, this is like playing Russian roulette. By that I mean putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger and hoping it does not go off.

Pierre Quenneville





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