Good cats are hard to find


Editor: Re: “A tale of two micro-chipped kitties,” I liked Pam Wright’s story on her cat and cats in general in the Jan. 13 Chatham Voice.

Brings back memories for me of my childhood with many cats and a few dogs that were part of our extended family back on the farm.

We had, among those animals, an Irish Setter named “Rusty Red Malone.” He was red in color and could run like the wind, and jump all over you if you gave him the chance.

Unfortunately, Rusty ran away and in those days there were no chips to trace where this beautiful dog went.

Likewise, we had many cats, most of whom were dropped off by people in the towns in the area around Chatham. We gave those who were tame, or not, a home in the farm buildings, fed them, doctored them and kept them as long as they stayed with us or until they passed away.

I hope Pam is able to keep her cat from running away again. Good cats are hard to find!

Frank Doyle



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