Vaccinations don’t provide immunity


Editor: I read an interesting letter to the editor in the Nov. 18 Chatham Voice by Merle Knutson.

“What happened to freedom of choice” was the header. Obviously a lot was lost to COVID, and some still is, and will be for a long time in my opinion. But I’m sure it’s not because a lot of people are unvaccinated. Even people who are vaccinated think they are so immune that they aren’t following the rules as they should. Plus, they are not bothering to get a COVID test. When I was visiting in a long-care home, I had a test three or sometimes four a week, I felt quite safe with that.

Now I have had my vaccination because that’s the only way I will be able to get the freedom I need. But if I need a COVID test to feel more secure it will cost me $40 at one drug store I know. If only once a week, that could mount up to quite a bit if I would like one until COVID is beaten.

In regard to the comments on MPP Rick Nicholls refusing to get the vaccination, that is definitely his choice, bit if it’s mandated for work places, especially hospitals and long-term care homes, then it should be. But eh Mr. Nicholls is the one to be looing about $200,00 a year job over it. Not out your pocket Merle, his choice.

Ruth Draper






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