Epp positioned to help stock food banks


Editor: The recent appointment of David Epp, our Member of Parliament, to the shadow cabinet position of Deputy Minister of Agriculture must have come as welcome news to the editors of The Chatham Voice, the Salvation Army Food Bank and Outreach for Hunger.

“Food banks face uphill battle” headlined an article in the Nov. 25 paper, and the editorial was titled, “Food banks Need Our Support.”

With his local, federal and international involvement in farming, agri-business and the like, as well as his new portfolio covering agriculture, agri-food and food security, this is a golden opportunity for Mr. Epp to tap into his grocery chain contacts, food processing associates and farming organizations.

Contributing his expertise and influence would surely alleviate the pressures felt by those in his constituency that either work tirelessly collecting food and/or those that require regular assistance in providing healthy food for their families.

It would be grand if the readers of The Chatham Voice picked up a future issue of the newspaper that ran glowing headlines and meaningful articles reporting that our own Member of Parliament assisted in acquiring pallets of food items and tons of groceries for the people living in Chatham-Kent-Leamington.

As the newly minted Deputy Minister of Agriculture in a Conservative shadow cabinet, this is an opportunity for Mr. Epp to step up and join the countless people of this constituency that battle to better our community every day.

Dan Kelly





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