What happened to freedom of choice?

Chatham-Kent-Leamington MPP Rick Nicholls

Editor: Mr. Dictator in Toronto; so much for wasting my vote and time doing so when I find out that the first time my MPP Rick Nicholls decided to stand up against you concerning the vaccine policy, he is kicked out of the party.

I thought we, the people, put MPPs in office to do what we, the voters in this riding, want. That is to voice all opinions on topics that arise whether we all agree or not.

To kick him out of the party just means the voters really don’t have any say whatsoever. We go and tick a box off and think we have accomplished something, when in reality it is just a sham.

All parties do the same when there is dissension from any members. Those of us in his riding put him in power as a Conservative MPP. As far as I am concerned, only the voters should be able to replace him; not the whim of one man who only wants to shut down any other opinion.

Is it a crime now to vote against the rulers on high? And we are now starting to fire people who refuse to follow the party line?

This reminds me of another country in history. Maybe prison is next. These people will end up on the welfare roles unless they concede to the vaccine since they will not be able to work anywhere else.

What genius thought this one through? I guess you thought they would all give in to your threats to destroy their livelihoods and families. One of your last contributors mentioned that Mr. Nicholls should step down because he did not agree with the party line.

I am fully vaccinated. But vaccinated or unvaccinated, when you mandate the vaccine and force people against their will, you have started to go down a slippery slope.

Merle Knutson





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