Vaccine just makes sense: reader


Editor: Re: Editorial cartoon sparks division

To begin with, I have had both the Pfizer BioTech COVID-19 shots and looking forward to a booster when available.

To the anti-vaxxers, I have not had any side effects…is it really worth the gamble not getting the shot and ending up in a hospital or worse a cemetery? I do not understand why people are not getting the vaccine. We are in a reality where you will have to have both doses and a vaccine passport to go to restaurants. Maybe it will extend to shopping and other public places and events.

This is an example of what happened to me in 2010.

That year, I thought I did not need the flu shot – boy was I a fool. The illness put me in the hospital for five days and I got double lung trouble from it. I have never smoked in 69 years.

I now get the flu shot every year and the pneumonia shot every five years as my doctor said that if I do not, it could be the last thing I do on Earth.

So, you can see vaccines are important things in life.

Pierre Quenneville





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