Drivers must pay better attention


Editor: I am writing my letter in response to Donna-Jane Pollock (“When did the rules change?”) and her letter in the Aug. 19 paper. I can honestly say that I can swear on a stack of anything you may choose that I know exactly what she is talking about.

I am a wheelchair user and every time I have to cross a street using the lights, I am taking my life in my hands.

I stay on the sidewalk well back from the curb and wait for the walk light. I will not cross if the light is just green. I wait for the next walk symbol.

There are those drivers who feel they have the right to stop me from crossing by continuing to make a right turn. These are the same drivers fearing to make the right hand turn on the red light, but it is OK to hit me on the green as they turn.

Then there are those who see me in the cross walk and try to cut me off as I cross the street.

In reality, I can only go so fast and I cannot stop on a dime.

How many drivers do not check their mirrors before backing up? Or do they pay attention to their back up device?

There are also the drivers so intent on finding a parking spot, next to the door of a building, that they do not see anyone entering the area from a street. This often happens at Shoppers on Queen Street.

In 2019, I was actually hit by a car on Lacroix Street. It was a miracle, in my opinion, that I am alive to tell the tale. The police officer at the time, when talking to me, reminded me that the rules are for highway safety, not highway sidewalk safety. I have yet to understand this ruling.

There has to be a solution to this problem, and it has to be found quickly.


Evelyn Corbett 



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