Vaccination questions for candidates


Editor: Before the various federal election issues start to dominate these pages, I was hoping for some further clarity around COVID-19 immunization.

Point blank, is our present federal parliamentary representative vaccinated?

With Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s COVID rules, regulations and policies changing almost daily and our own provincial MPP Rick Nicholls having recently come clean about his immunization (or lack thereof), I would like to know if Chatham-Kent–Leamington’s federal candidates are vaccinated?

I have never read anywhere what our federal representative, Member of Parliament David Epp’s opinion is on the entire question of immunization or if he has personally received the necessary shots.

Does Epp harbour the same doubts about his party and leader Erin O’Toole as Rick Nicholls has expressed about Doug Ford, his Conservative leader in the province?

It’s a question that deserves to be answered publically.

Nicholls recently exposed hypocrisy, personally refusing the shot while publically singing the praises and questionable successes of his Conservative leader’s plan for provincial vaccination, begs the question, what are David Epp’s thoughts on mandatory immunization?

I suspect there are many voters out there that would, in all probability, be reluctant to shake a hand or refuse to be in close proximity with any candidate that has not received their COVID shots.

All the federal candidates in the upcoming campaign should publically declare whether they are immunized, but particularly Mr. Epp, in his present role as a representative of Chatham-Kent–Leamington and a leader in the community at large.

Dan Kelly






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