We can all pay to encourage woodlot protection


Editor: Trees are the lungs of the earth. None of us would survive with out lungs.

If we lose some lung function, we suffer and need to adjust how we live.

The more trees we lose, the less oxygen we have.

Loss of tree cover also affects the water table, allowing floods to happen more easily.

A few years ago when a possible tree bylaw was first discussed, the number of woodlots and trees that were cut was terrible.

Farmers and food production are important. To encourage woodlots, we need to make them tax-free zones! No taxes on woodlots.

That will cost all citizens a bit on taxes, but we all benefit. A bit of effort on everyone’s part but easily done.

We need to have an arborist available to evaluate a tree if it needs cutting down.

Let’s work together on this. It’s for everyone’s good.

Keith Groen






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