Good Samaritans show up in force


Editor: Sometimes God sends an angel to help you when you are in need. Well, on a recent Saturday night, He sent five angels.

My husband and I were going for a walk after supper outside our apartment building. Dick tripped on the small curb and fell down.

Now, my husband had just had bypass surgery to correct the lack of blood circulation in his legs. His muscle tone and balance were almost nil. Once he is down, he cannot get up.

A gentleman with a white truck rushed over; then four more cars stopped to help. Between all of them they had a first aid kit and nice warm moist wipes and Kleenex. One lady was a nurse.

All were placed there at that exact time we were in need.

The gentleman with the white truck literally put his hands under both of Dick’s arms and lifted him right up.

We got his walker, which we should have had in the first place.

But they did the most important random acts of kindness that was needed at that time. I just want to thank all of them for being so kind and patient during a stressful time for us.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. All things happen for a reason. So I pray God’s blessing on you all and your families always.  Thank you from the bottom of both our hearts.

Bev Perrin




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