Anjema well respected in the community: reader


Editor: I have been following your coverage involving Dr. Chris Anjema and the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Since the College now has extracted their pound of flesh, allow me to make a few observations. First and foremost, this community of Chatham-Kent and surrounding area have been very fortunate to have an ophthalmologist of Dr. Anjema’s calibre to be located right here in Chatham. For many patients that need the services of an ophthalmologist, travelling to larger centres such as London has been largely eliminated.

I was dismayed when the College announced that they were doing an investigation into the practice of Dr. Anjema, and that it seemed we, the public, quickly found him guilty in the court of public opinion. It seems one only has to hear about an allegation and the public is so quick to pre-judge the person. How sad that we would treat one of our own professionals in this matter, let alone anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Dr. Anjema is not only a well-respected ophthalmologist, he also is a businessman who contributes in a number of ways to the health of the economy in Chatham-Kent, not to mention a host of charities that have benefited from his generosity.
I’m relieved that he can now put this matter behind him, and hope that he will continue to serve the citizens of our community. We owe him our gratitude.
As far as a law firm, which advertises extensively locally, but is headquartered outside of Chatham, they should be ashamed of themselves for their unprofessional conduct in trolling, or “ambulance chasing” for alleged victims to support a class action. That law firm, in my opinion, paints a dismal picture of what otherwise is a reputable profession.

George Flikweert




  1. Regards to college of docs,seems they need to take closer look at this.consequences seem serious but penalty a joke.cant understand bookkeeping review,no OPP?


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