Hospital clarifies payment requirements


In response to recent inquiries, the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) is clarifying that in compliance with provincial regulations, all medically necessary services are being provided to any individual who comes to our hospital sites for care, regardless of whether or not the patient has health insurance.
Although uninsured individuals (such as travelers from the United States) received bills for medical care prior to COVID-19, provincial direction issued in March at the start of pandemic readiness dictates that all services deemed necessary by medical staff are to be provided free of charge to any patients in Ontario hospitals.

It was deemed necessary to not turn away any individuals seeking urgent medical care during a critical time period amid a pandemic.
This clarification is an important one to ensure uninsured individuals, including those who have travelled to Canada for work in the agri-food sector and require medical attention, are assured they will receive any necessary medical care without being charged.
In the event an individual has been inadvertently charged for a medical service, those individuals should contact the hospital billing department.



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