Wallaceburg food drive hauls $3,000 of non-perishables, looking to continue


Birthday cruise initiative to continue post-COVID-19

Tim English (right) delivers non-perishable foods to volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul Wallaceburg to help stock up their pantry. (photo courtesy of Tim English)

Jenna Cocullo, Local Journalism Initiative

Two Chatham-Kent community initiatives plan to continue their work post-coronavirus, a small silver lining to come during the COVID-19 pandemic which has left many in isolation without jobs.

Wallaceburg resident Tim English, who organized a week-long door-to-door food drive amid shortages at the local food bank, managed to raise $3,000 worth of non-perishable foods.

English drove around town between April 6-10, collecting more than 1,700 food items in the community. Donations were split evenly between the Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul’s pantries.

English said he is looking at options to continue his initiative on an annual basis. Usually the food banks receive donations from drives held at the local church, so English is hoping to include residents in his drive who normally do not attend church.

English said nothing is set in stone yet for the annual food drives, but if the virus continues longer than expected he will definitely go on one more drive for the food banks.

English thanked his volunteers who helped with pickup; Lori, Chuck, Caleb and Julia Green, Yvette Bowsher and Barry Lightfoot, Rosie, Ric and Evan Mathany, as well as his wife and daughter Mandy and Lisa English. The Wallaceburg Kinsmen also allowed them access to their facilities during this food drive for safe storage.

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Birthday boy Kail Mazorui, 6, is all smiles as he awaits his birthday drive-by surprise! (photo courtesy of Imad Mazouri)

Meanwhile, the Chatham-Kent Birthday Cruise is coasting around town to bring a smile to kids’ faces on their birthdays as they find themselves stuck at home. 

Organizer, Laura Steve said she plans to keep the Birthday Cruise going even after birthday parties resume. On Saturdays and Sundays she plans to get the convoy together to celebrate all the birthdays from the week.

Steve said it is in her heart to keep going in honour of her late-father who passed away in November.

“This is something that he would have loved to be a part of with us and I know this is one thing that will always make him proud of me. I was a daddy’s girl so it’s been hard on me since we lost him,” she said. “So now spreading the love around our community is the best way I know how to honor him.”

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