Gift giving went above and beyond


Sir: The Sons of Kent staff went over and beyond in sponsoring one of my families for Christmas.

The staff at Sons of Kent came together and purchased bags full of presents (toys, clothing, video games) for three children living with suspected Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders.

They went one step further and purchased gift cards for the grandparents who are raising these three children (grocery cards, restaurant gift cards).

They purchased PJs for the kids to open on Christmas Eve as well, got the kids boots and coats, movie gift cards, batteries for all the toys!

They wrapped all the gifts and colour coded the gifts for each child.

I asked for a little favour and expected a few gifts for each child. When I arrived at Sons of Kent, I was left speechless with the amount of items they had purchased.

Their kindness and thoughtful effort to make one family in Chatham Kent have an amazing Christmas with no need for any recognition is out of this world.

My truck was full to the max with presents, and when I arrived at the grandparents’ home, they were left speechless.

Jessica Constancio

Social Worker

C-K Children’s Services




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