Other issues at play with ‘Weed woes’

Jan 14 • Letters to the EditorNo Comments on Other issues at play with ‘Weed woes’

Sir: In regard to your “Weed woes” article in the Dec. 19 Chatham Voice, I wonder if there are not few other factors at play in the hard start in which the cannabis industry is suffering.

Most users, and incidentally I am not one of them, already have a source and have had one for numerous months or years.

Many people like me are former cigarette users, kicked the habit after frequent attempts and will not tempt fate and try marijuana.

I believe, as do many I have spoken to are of the same mind, that it’s addictive.

It’s also probably not healthy.

Plus, there is a huge odour and you can readily identify users.

Furthermore, like tobacco it will be an expensive habit.

As well, there continues to be significant border issues if the odour is present at U.S. Customs.

Many consider the users to be part of the sub-culture of addicts.

Many employers have no tolerance for its use; many businesses engaged in the need for employees to work safely require urine tests and I believe it is detectable for up to a week after use. So short of having a few tokes on your two-week holiday, the opportunity to use is limited.

The cost from legal sources will always be higher, as the plethora of underground business that avoid taxes and quality for cash will always exist.

In closing, legality does not ensure success. I fully expect it will remain a product that will likely never replace the widespread use of alcohol for recreational fun and relaxation.

Clare Curtis 





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