Alternative electoral concept

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Sir: By now, most of the customary whiners about the “first-past-the-post” election process have surfaced, giving vent to their beliefs that their preferred group has somehow been cheated in the outcome of the October election.

People, the problem is not the first-past-the-post process. None of the alternatives will provide a “fairer” solution.

The problem is the party system. Because most people vote along party lines, the door is wide open to strategic voting, gerrymandering, and like Alberta and Saskatchewan the will of the voters can result in zero representation in government.

We need to trash the party system, and instead elect 338 independent members of parliament with no party affiliation whatever. From within that group, a chairperson (speaker?) can be elected and whatever number of committees (cabinet?) needed can also be elected.

Every MP would be accountable only to her or his constituents, every vote would be a “free” vote whereby MPs could vote their conscience and the will of their electorate, but not be told how to vote by a party whip.

Gone would be the opportunity for corporations or unions to throw money at advertising through election financing loopholes to then blackmail MPs into supporting their particular agenda.

Until such time as MPs are accountable only to voters, and dictatorial party leaders are no longer able to single-handedly force their wishes on the country at large, no election system is going to give us true representative government.

David Goldsmith




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