Bria Atkins, PPC, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex


Bria Atkins was born and raised in the Lambton-Kent-Middlesex riding. She is a graduate of York University with a bachelor degree in Kinesiology & Psychology. She spent 15 years working in public service as a Kinesiologist in the field of physical rehabilitation and geriatric physiotherapy.

In 2014, Atkins became an Ontario Certified Teacher and continues to work as an elementary educator in her local public school board. Additionally, she and her husband have developed several small businesses in their hometown of Dresden.

Atkins is running as a candidate because of her growing concern with Canadian governance. She joined the PPC movement in an effort to give a voice back to Canadians who feel left out of the conversation. Atkins is not a traditional politician, but strives to stand as a new voice for freedom, fairness, responsibility, and respect.

Atkins stands for smaller and more effective government and lower taxes; uniting all Canadian’s through a shared love of Western values; fiscal responsibility – eliminating government debt dependence; supporting our military and honouring veterans; upholding free speech; supporting law-abiding firearms owners; reducing taxes, regulations, and fees for net producers like farmers and businesses; ending corruption in government; and maintaining a responsible approach to immigration and preserving Canadian sovereignty.

How can the public trust our party system when it appears there are decisions being made with questionable judgment by political leaders, with little to no repercussions?

The wonderful thing about the People’s Party of Canada is that our team of candidates is largely composed of everyday Canadians, from a multitude of different fields who have joined politics for the first time – myself included. We do not carry any political baggage with the People’s Party, and we owe no favours to any special interest groups or lobbies. In fact, we refuse to cater to special interest or corporate interests, and instead focus on fairness for all Canadians.
This alone distinguishes us from every other establishment party because we are committed to doing politics differently.
The PPC came into existence out of the dire need of a political party in Canada who truly represents the people on the ground. We are that party working for every Canadian, and with policies for all Canadians.

Disincentives like the Carbon Tax are meant to help the environment by increasing the cost of fossil fuel consumption. But is such a tax fair for people who live in small-town Canada? Or is this just another tax on the middle class in general?

The People’s Party of Canada will impose NO carbon taxes or carbon pricing on Canadians. We know that carbon tax/carbon pricing does not help the environment, only helps the government extract more tax dollars from Canadian citizens.

Are you tired of the government telling us that we have to give them more of our money and then they will fix the climate? We sure are. This is why a PPC government will allow this shared jurisdiction of the environment to be placed in the power of the provinces to decide their own plan. Ontario has reduced our emissions by 22 per cent since 2005, without any federal impositions. We know we are on the right track, and we know that rural regions without public transportation options do not deserve to be punished with more taxes on carbon.

Opioid addiction and its associated problems, such as increased crime, have reached a crisis level in Canada. What can be done to cause change at the federal level?

There is no doubt that the levels of crime have increased dramatically in our region, as well as many ridings in relation opioid addiction. We are experiencing property theft in every community across Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.
Since the beginning of 2016, over 10,000 Canadians have died from opioid overdose and this is a tragedy we need to address. We need a comprehensive approach for this very complex issue.

The PPC would look at closing loopholes that allow physicians to over-prescribe, as well as patients who move between multiple physicians to obtain multiple prescriptions to decrease the accessibility and availability of opioids.

We would like to see more resources put into our law enforcement to ensure they are adequately staffed to handle their caseloads.

Furthermore, the PPC recognizes the need for more education, awareness, and policy around caring for and addressing the needs of afflicted individuals as well as health care providers. Prevention goes hand in hand with education and the People’s Party would be sure to remove any federal interference or conditions on funding.


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